Find the perfect Christmas present with this FREE AI-powered gift guide!

Looking for the perfect gift for the geek in your life? Well, look no further! Check out our brand new (and highly experimental) AI-powered gift guide!

Ho ho ho, and soon-to-be Merry Christmas to you all!

Or, at least it would be a merry Christmas if we could only figure out what to buy for that aunty of ours who loves cats and cognac but has everything.

That particular family member had us stumped, so we decided to build an AI-powered gift guide to help us out. It worked wonders, and while we couldn’t find the cat-shaped, cognac-filled chocolates that our AI-bot dreamt up, it provided some great inspiration and we found some awesome cat-themed wall calendars that we’re sure she’ll love.

But, why keep the AI gift generator to ourselves? In the spirit of Christmas Yet to Come, we’re sharing it with you, so that you can also find the perfect gift for that bird-watching great uncle of yours who just can’t stop talking about the seemingly dwindling population of blue tits (yes, that’s a bird) in the local forests.

Anyways… Without further ado, presenting:

The AI-powered GoodGeeky Gift Guide

To get started, just fill in the form below. But remember, AI can sometimes hallucinate, so please don’t yell at us if you get suggestions for gifts that don’t exist. To help with testing, we are recording queries and responses for the time being. Please don’t share any personal or personally identifiable information.

Heads up! We may earn a commission for any products or services purchased via links in this post. The money we make through these links helps keep the lights on and the wheels turning. Thanks for supporting us!

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