Produce more with this fantastic keyboard and mouse combination – Logitech MK850

Looking to upgrade your computer peripherals? The Logitech MK850 Keyboard and Mouse combo offers advanced features for more efficient work.

The Logitech MK850 Keyboard and Mouse combo has been around for a while, and it still represents a significant step up for most of us when it comes to computer periferals. We’ve used this keyboard and mouse combo here at GoodGeeky for years now, and we love it!

Combining the fantastic K850 Keyboard with the super-comfortable M720 Triathlon mouse, this set offers advanced features for smoother, more efficient computer work.

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Although this combo carries a higher price point, the return on investment in terms of productivity, comfort, and ease of use is substantial. And the best part? You can switch between controlling three different computers (and even your iPhone or iPad)!

The K850 Keyboard is designed with user comfort and convenience in mind. Its ergonomic and cushioned construction aims to reduce fatigue during extended typing sessions. The keys respond swiftly to touch and operate quietly, ensuring a smooth typing experience.

The M720 Triathlon mouse takes traditional mouse functionality to new heights. It is designed to pair with three devices, similar to its keyboard counterpart. Users can scroll on a laptop one minute, and edit a presentation on a desktop the next, all at the click of a button.

The scroll wheel of the M720 mouse provides precision when needed and speed when desired. With a hyper-fast mode for quick navigation and a click-to-click mode for precision tasks, it suits various needs and boosts productivity across tasks.

The Logitech MK850 combo also comes with an impressive battery life. The K850 keyboard operates up to 24 months on a single set of batteries, and the M720 mouse lasts up to 12 months. This means less interruption and more focus on what matters – the work at hand.

Setting up the Logitech MK850 combo is straightforward. It involves connecting the devices to the preferred systems using Bluetooth or the included Unifying receiver. Once connected, you can further customize your experience using the Logi Options+ app.

The Logi Options+ app unlocks a host of functionalities, allowing users to tailor the keyboard and mouse settings to their individual needs. The app enables custom button and gesture mapping, meaning you can set specific functions or shortcuts to individual keyboard and mouse buttons. Done right, this can really enhance your workflows with – for example – editing videos in Davinci Resolve or Adobe Premiere Pro.

The Logitech MK850 Keyboard and Mouse combo is a comprehensive solution for anyone seeking to enhance their productivity when on the computer. Despite its higher price point, the value provided by this combo in terms of multi-device compatibility, long battery life, ergonomic design, and customizable settings positions it as an outstanding choice in its category.

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